Pregnancy Discrimination in Employment

Pregnancy Discrimination in Employment is rampart in America today.  Big companies, small companies, even government jobs are discrimination against pregnant women even though the law is on their side for more than 40 years now, both federal and in California.  Call us today at 818 838-3600.  We can postpone the case until after your baby comes.  Or we can file it now and get an extension of time to pursue after your baby is born.  But you must act quickly because there are time limits to filing cases.


Pregnancy Leave

You also have a right to a stressfree leave with your baby, as does your husband.  If you rights are being violated, call us today.  818 838-3600.


Breast Feeding Your Baby

More and more research is showing how important it is for you to breast feed your baby during the first few months of life.  Your workplace is required to provide a clean, safe place for you to pump your breasts.  If they are not, call us today.  818 838-3600.


Failure to Hire

Did you know it’s also illegal to fail to hire a woman just because she’s pregnant?   It is and has been the law for 40 years.  There is no reason you cannot work when pregnant.  If you’re the victim of pregnancy discrimination, go to an attorney.  If you told you manager you’re pregnant and all of sudden you see changes like cut hours, discipline, write-ups, change in responsibilities, termination, you need legal help.

Most women want to work as close to the due date as possible.  And you have a right to, as long as your doctors agree.  If you company is taking you off the schedule just because you’re pregnant, you have rights.  Go to an attorney.


Call us today at 818 838-3600.






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