If your child is in trouble, don’t leave your child at risk, hire an attorney experienced in Juvenile Criminal Law.  You can go with a public defender, but why would you?  What is more important to you than your child?  You deserve the protection that an experienced attorney can bring to the courtroom. We handle a variety of Juvenile matters from school fights to theft crimes, DUI and drug offenses, tagging and graffiti.  Hire an experienced juvenile attorney to protect your child’s future and rest easy.   We have handled all manner of juvenile crimes from theft, to drug use, to alcohol, DUI, to grafitti, tagging and assault, fights at school and more.  Often we are able to get the case dismissed if your child completes a set of requirements to the satisfaction of the judge.  Not all attorneys know to ask for this.  Many just plead guilty and take probation.  Make sure you speak to an experienced juvenile criminal attorney.