What Should I Do if There is a Bench Warrant Issued in My Name?
As soon as you become aware that a bench warrant has been in issued in your name, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney like our office.  If law enforcement finds you before you contact a lawyer, they have the right to arrest you on the spot and will tow your vehicle or prevent you from going to work.  Just so you know, if you are terminated due to being in jail, under California law you cannot sue your semployer for wrongful termination even if it was a mistake.  That’s not an option.  The cases are clear.  You may be able to sue the sheriff if it is a mistake, but you’ll lose you job.

An experienced Los Angeles bench warrant attorney like Donald Hilland can contact the court and submit mandatory documents and arrange for you to appear and not go to jail in most cases, then represent you in front of the judge, negotiate with prosecutors, and even potentially save you from police arrest and impoundment of your vehicle and deportation if you are an immigrant.  Don’t take a chance.  Contact us today.

Bench Warrant Information

A bench warrant is used to arrest and detain an individual usually for failing to appear in court – FTA.   Bench warrants are issued by a court or judge at the federal or California state level, and become effective immediately. As soon as law enforcement arrests an individual on a bench warrant, he/she is held in a county jail until the next court hearing as there is usually no bail or a very high bail which means you won’t be able to go home or go to work until you see a judge.  Most criminal courtrooms in Los Angeles issue bench warrants every day for FTA.

The purpose of a bench warrant usually is to detain an individual and bring them to court in order to handle pending legal actions. These types of actions include arraignments, criminal sentencing, paying a fine, general court appearances, or issuing a citation. A judge can also issue a bench warrant for failing to show proof of progress or completion of a court sentence like completing community service or paying fines, or failing to appear after being released from custody.  When an individual fails to appear in court, whether it’s before or after a bench warrant has been issued, he/she faces a variety of penalties including detainment, driver’s license suspension, or the denial of bail for other outstanding warrants.  It is also usually a $500 fine added just for the FTA.  If you have old bench warrants, hire an attorney to go to court with you.  Don’t try to show up on your own with some excuse.  The judge will put you in jail right then and there until a day or two later so he can get the file and read up on your case.  If you go with an attorney, there is a good chance the judge will not incarcerate you  because the attorney assuring the judge of your next court appearance adds more credibility to your position and you will be able to deal with the FTA and move on without jail time.


Expungent – Removing an old conviction from your record

Expungement is wiping out an old crime from the past even if you were convicted.  This is very important for immigration law, especially in these current times.  If you have an old DUI or theft or shoplifting conviction, see an attorney right away.  Arrange for an expungment of your past conviction to avoid deportation.  Usually the judge wants to see five years (5) without any legal trouble.  But it varies.  Also some crimes are not subject to expungment, like sex crimes or prison time or if you did not successfully complete your probation.  But you need to see an attorney right away to find out.  Don’t listen to friends or relatives with their stories.  Go to an attorney.


Contact the Law Office of Donald A. Hilland
If you suspect a bench warrant has been issued in your name, attorney Donald Hilland can help you. Mr. Hilland has vast experience representing many individuals throughout the Los Angeles area with outstanding bench warrants or old crimes they want removed from their record.  He will protect your rights and best interests, and may save you from unwanted jail time, probation, extra fines, or even deportation if that is what you are facing.  818 838-3600.