If you are tempted to save money by hiring one of these cheap paralegal service service to solve your legal problems, you need to remember that you get what you pay for.  And they do not go to court with you.   I can’t tell you how many times clients have come in where they hired a paralegal service, and they paid them more than I would have charged to take their case.  So if you think you are saving money, then you should realize if could cost a lot more in the long run.  No one is really regulating these paralegal companies in California.  They will tell you all kinds of things.  I have clients come in whose case was totally screwed up by a paralegal service, then I have to charge them and they have to pay for an attorney on their case.  Be wary of the paralegals who work without attorney supervision.

For instance, in a family law/divorce case, if you are trying to be awarded spousal support on a 10 year marriage, you really need an attorney to make sure that the paperwork is in order and to argue your position for you in court to the judge.  If you’re doing a criminal matter or a domestic violence, you future is at stake.  The court does not have to  automatically provide you an attorney for lesser crimes and domestic violence cases.  The outcome can effect you entire future, from holding government jobs to traveling outside the country, owning firearms, seeing your children without supervision and a host of other concerns.

We have a couple paralegal services we work with.  Give us a call.


1.  The paralegals will not go to court with you because they cannot go to court with you. You are on your own. Some people may be able to win this way, but most will not.  Even an experienced  attorney under these circumstances would not try to appear in court without representation by another attorney.

2.  The paralegals’ mistakes become your mistakes by default and there is no one to blame but yourself.

If you have a simple divorce with no children, no house, no retirement, you can get free paperwork done at most courthouses.   Why pay a paralegal service?   You can also go to a real law firm.  Most will work out a payment plan.

If you have a serious divorce with minor children, a house, a business, retirement, long-term marriage, you definitely want to hire an attorney to represent you.  It may cost money up front, but you will gain in the long run by protecting your property and your retirement benefits and possibly being awarded more child support and spousal support.