Donald A. Hilland is a litigator.  His goal is to help you with your legal issues, whatever your situation:  Wages and Overtime, Hostile Workplace; Discrimination, Rest breaks, Lunch Breaks, Wrongful termination; Unemployment Hearings; Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Paternity; Criminal cases, DUI, Theft, ; Immigration, Administrative Law; Failure to Disclose for home buyers;
He graduated first in his class in law school.  He gave a speech at the commencement challenging his fellow graduates to go out and help improve the world.  He has lived up to that challenge to the best of his ability.  He has fought many battles for many clients from San Bernardino to Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, and beyond.
Donald A. Hilland worked in court for years before going to law school.  He sat in court day after day watching and listening and learning about the law firsthand.  He has more practical experience  than any attorney you will ever meet and he puts that experience to use in representing you in court.  And he knows many different types of law because he watched thousands of cases moving through the system, from start to finish.  More jury trials than any lawyer ever completes in a lifetime.  More civil and criminal cases than any lawyer could ever take on.  He was there absorbing it and filing it away in his mind.  It is apparent when he walks into the courtroom, relaxed, confident, ready to take on whatever comes up, just another day at work for him.
Employment – Over a million dollars recovered for his clients, hundreds of cases filed and monies recovered.
Divorce and Custody, Child Support, Visitation – Hundreds of cases, every SoCal County.
Car accidents, Falls, Dog bites – We have settled hundreds of cases filed and prefiled.
Worker’s Compensation – Trials and Settlements on hundreds of cases.
Criminal cases – DUI to First Degree Murder, we are ready to help you in your time of need.
Immigration – We are experienced in immigration documents and criminal expungements to clear your record.
Domestic Violence – We work very hard on these cases to ensure a good result.  Call early, don’t wait till last minute!
Real Estate – Half a million dollar verdict for Failure to Disclose in home purchase
Class actions – Wages and OT, Lunch breaks, Meal breaks, Employee Expenses, we have litigated high paying cases.
You can’t win every case.  I wish you could.  But we fight hard for your rights.  List of satisfied clients you can ask.